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Why events hosted by coworking spaces are so important for networking?

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The biggest advantage of coworking spaces is that they are hotspots for inovation teams, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and freelancers. Being part of such community can boost your motivation and meet you with the one you need to complete that huge project or just like-minded people. But there’s more than just working and sharing.

Almost each coworking space host different topic events, often couple time of the week.

That gives you the opportunity to connect with more people and learn new skills, read new books, take yoga classes, try new technologies and so much more!

Coworking is a great place to meet people, and making that explicit beyond just business related networking events seems a smart choice. At the very least, it’d be fun. Aside from that, events in general are great, especially ones like hackathons where people spend long enough in the place, and invest enough emotional energy, that they feel connected to the space after they leave.

Here at Apt19 we highly appreciate all the events hosted by coworking spaces, that’s why we create our Events section – calendar with all events, ready to be added to your personal Google Calendar with one click (so you never miss meetups, breakfast or a fancy party!).


soho breakfast



betahaus one coworking week

Betahaus | one coworking week.


coshare exhibition

Art Exhibitions in CoShare HIVE



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