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Cat and Mouse

улица „Христо Дюкмеджиев“ 14, Пловдив, България
The first coworking space opens next to the cult bar. The new concept follows the idea of creating a different social environment and additional climate change in the creative district. The creators of the cult bar Cat and Mouse and the boutique guest house Mouse...

Networking Zone

улица „Георги С. Раковски“ 25, София, България
NETWORKING WILL PROVIDE YOU THE ENVOIURMENT OF SELECTED AND TRULY “A” PEOPLE. WE BELIEVE that great minds working together can achieve much more than individuals. We are building a community powered by an amazing Network of people that will benefit one another in business and...

Cherryz Work

Младост 1, София, България, блок 54A
Cherryz is welcoming all Tech innovators and IT startups! It is located in the old Lirex office in Mladost 1, next to the metro station. It is not open space… We offer 20 separate rooms for small teams of 4-8 people. At your disposal are...

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