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You're a founder or host of a COWORKING space?

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Apt19 is all about coworking. Here we try to pick up all places in Bulgaria at one and make our community expand every day.

We’ll be more than happy to bring up new members so whether you are a founder or a host of a coworking space – feel free to contact us and join us as well!


Send us your best photos and information about your place

We love to share

All we need is great look for your space. Send us photo gallery from with high quality images and additional information about like lot size, prices, what you offer and so on.

Also we love to share your events and make them more visited than ever!


Get Descovered by People

Help us to expand coworking society!

Our aim is to create bigger coworking culture in Bulgaria! That’s why we’ll make our best to show your space to many people and will help them discover you!

And one last thing… it’s FOREVER FREE!

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