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Coworking on a boat? Or on a bus? Why not!

coworking on a boat

Summer is on its way and for those of us who work remotely this is more than exciting! That means no more closed spaces, no more short and dark days, and of course – no more chilling moments.

Are you get inspired by beautiful views, clean air and sun rays in your face? Because we definitely do!

So you might think – “I love all of those things, but my favorite coworking spaces is always located at one place…”. Tadaaaam – we have news for you!

Did you know that there is a coworking boat? Also there is a coworking bus too! Sounds amazing ah? We dig a bit inf into the network and here is what we learn:


coboat in water


The name says it all, isn’t it? Coworkig on a boat. In the open seas of the Mediterranean! In the middle of the ocean! Can you imagine – you wake up with fresh idea, get yourself proper doze of caffeine, and get outside – at the deck of 82 feet retrofitted sailing catamaran, where the air is cleaner than ever, you literally can’t see the end of the horizon, and there is no other noise that the waves smoothly touched by the wind… Lovely!



The catamaran just have it all – with wind and solar generated power, Coboat can comfortably cowork 20 entrepreneurs. There are enough power charging stations, fast and stable internet connection (thanks to Coboat’s cutting edge technologies, which connects the boat with with whole network of satellites).

But it’s not all about the work. At this magnificent catamaran you can enjoy water sports, do some yoga, taste new and amazing food and feel as you’re in home!



We put the fly into your head? Keep on reading!


Adventure Lab

Aaaah… you have a sea disease and cannot stand on a boat but still want to get some different coworking experience? One Wild Life got you covered!



The “Adventure Lab” as they name it, is a refurbished school bus which provides you with the opportunity to work from location-independent office. Absolute booster for your productivity – Adventure Lab will connect you with fresh air and sunlight, will show you places you never seen before!


The Adventure Lab


The vehicle can cowork up to 12 people and is equipped with WiFi and of course – lots of coffee. The main goal here is not only to have different view trough the window  every time you look up your laptop, but also to encourage its members to have more activities, like surfing, yoga, biking and even camping!


The Adventure Lab


What do you think? Work by the sea in the morning, have a bike ride in the early afternoon, get some more work done after that, and at the evening – warn and cozy fire with some beers with friends!


The Adventure Lab


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