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What software you use to manage your coworking space?

The members of coworking spaces just have it all – high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable desks, ergonomic chairs, the strongest coffee and the perfect schedule!

But have we ever thought about how the management of the space handle all this? Have it ever cross our minds that managing so much single desks, hundrets of people, bookings of conferent rooms, hosting events can be really a big deal? I mean seriouslly – imagine to make booking appointments for 300+ people, each one of them for a different period?

Well, thankfully there are a lots of “helpers” for that purpose. You can find wild range of various software products created to serv coworking. This is also a new niche in software development, concidering that coworking is experiencing an explosive period of growth. By 2020, Emergent Research estimates that we’ll have 26,000 coworking spaces and 3.8 million members worldwide. As coworking grows, the attention of the coworking manager gets stretched thinner and thinner. Are you a coworking manager searching for ways to maximize your time? It’s probably time to streamline your coworking space’s operations by adopting a coworking management software.





And this will be the most usefull solution not only for the management, but also for the members – most of the software provides options to book meeting rooms, upload their payment methods, enjoy instant in-app communication, and much more. One of the products – Optix even got solution for check-in members – when they register for your app (oh yes, I forgot to mention that with this software you get your own branded iOS application, cool isn’t it?), Optix recognizes when their phone enters your building. This makes check-ins automatic and instant, registering specific members as present the moment they step in the door.

Managing a coworking space means more than placing members into desks. The right coworking management software should provide tools for helping both your members and your management team to be more productive.




Other software product – Habu gives you real insights into what’s happening over time in your hub, allowing you to spot valuable opportunities for growth. You stuck with invoicing? No more chasing late payments or forgetting to invoice. Habu supports both instant and monthly payment options, tracks all of your billing data, and connects to your online accounting software.





And there is more great software products, created especially for your coworking space! Here is our top picks list:



cowork nexudusdovetail

What software you use to manage your coworking space? Share in comments!


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