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Networking Zone
улица „Георги С. Раковски“ 25, София, България

NETWORKING WILL PROVIDE YOU THE ENVOIURMENT OF SELECTED AND TRULY “A” PEOPLE. WE BELIEVE that great minds working together can achieve much more than individuals. We...

ulitsa "Serdika" 20, Sofia, Bulgaria

Get ready to feel at home in our cozy yellow 100-year old house, located in the heart of Sofia. Coworking by MOVE.BG is a space where...

bulevard "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov" 6, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

S*Bar is the newest and trendiest meeting hub for IT professionals, entrepreneurs and digital creators, coming together to innovate, share ideas and connect. It is...

ulitsa "Ekzarh Yosif" 37, Sofia, Bulgaria

CUSH.Bar – coffee shop during the day, bar at the night! has the perfect location – in the building of Cinema House, one of the...

Ellinor's house
ulitsa "Tsar Asen" 33, Sofia, Bulgaria

Ellinor’s House is an exclusive space for art, culture, fashion and quality social interaction. Our events focus on refining the quality of life and the emotional...

ulitsa "Tintyava" 15, Sofia, Bulgaria

We bring together freelancers, startups, small companies and corporations from the tech world with the sole mission to build fruitful connections between them. We aim...

CoShare HIVE
булевард „Симеоновско шосе“ 104, София, Bulgaria

Our aim is to create an ecosystem that inspires and supports our community! of creative, innovative, motivated and, in their own right, motivational busily buzzing bees. We...

init Lab
ulitsa "Rila" 6, Sofia, Bulgaria

As we all know – init Lab is a hackerspace. That means at moments the atmosphere in here can be quite noisy, chaotic and unpredictable. For...

Малките 5
ulitsa "Han Krum" 3, Sofia, Bulgaria

Malkite 5 is a Sofia-based co-working community and the home of work to 30 creative types (interior and graphic designers, architects, journalist, social entrepreneurs and...

ulitsa "Strahil voyvoda" 2, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mastilo is a no-bullshit coworking space. The name means ”ink” in Bulgarian. Ink is a means to make anything – a book, a painting, a...

SOHO Sofia
ulitsa "Iskar" 4, Sofia, Bulgaria

SOHO – Sofia Holistic Coworking Company is an art coworking space, a pioneer in the field of shared workspaces in Bulgaria, which is located in the heart...

Trevor Workspaces
Bulevard "Hristo Smirnenski" 30, Sofia, Bulgaria

A vast, beautiful, perfectly-located apartment in the peaceful neighborhood of Lozenets, transformed into an inspiring workplace. Trevor Workspaces / Lozenets is the first iteration (beta...