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bulevard "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov" 6, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

S*Bar is the newest and trendiest meeting hub for IT professionals, entrepreneurs and digital creators, coming together to innovate, share ideas and connect. It is...

ulitsa "Opalchenska" 13, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Hackafe is a hackerspace, lead by the community. It is where people with common interests in software, hardware, technologies, science, design and art meet, commune and...

ulitsa "Ekzarh Yosif" 37, Sofia, Bulgaria

CUSH.Bar – coffee shop during the day, bar at the night! has the perfect location – in the building of Cinema House, one of the...

улица „Отец Паисий“ 38, Пловдив, Bulgaria

Artnewscafe has opened doors in 2008. Its concept is to be a cozy urban space with drinks, art-information and happenings. We have our monthly art bulletin...

ulitsa "Beethoven" 12, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

OTSRESHTA is a space where over coffee or beer we meet, talk and exchange ideas about everything we care about and makes our life better. We...

Ellinor's house
ulitsa "Tsar Asen" 33, Sofia, Bulgaria

Ellinor’s House is an exclusive space for art, culture, fashion and quality social interaction. Our events focus on refining the quality of life and the emotional...